Prediction By Panditji

There is always a solution for any kind of problems in life by Panditji. He has made many prediction for celebrities not only in India but also outside the country. If you want to know the future of your life and its remedies to make a happy-full and joyful, he would predict it base on your birth date and place.

The detail reading of the prediction which he makes is as below

  • Education Prediction

    Your birth charts or horoscope helps to determine your success.

  • Health Prediction

    Based on astrological signs, the planets and the houses know your health.

  • Wealth Prediction

    Know the favorable occupation/profession that helps you accumulate wealth.

  • Career Prediction

    Know which profession or career best suits you, based on your horoscope.

  • Property Prediction

    At appropriate time with the help of vastu shahstra get best property for your home.


    Know the best muhrat to purchase your vehcile.

  • Marriage Prediction

    The various aspects of your married life is influenced by the 7th house. Know the right time and age to get married.

  • Romance Prediction

    Curious about how your relation will be with your beloved.

There will be inclusion of birth chart, lagn chart, Nakshatra, Bhav Chart, Dasa Period, recommendation of the gemstone, horoscope, remedies for the problem, the vedic mantras and yantras, information of aarti and chalisa to be done by you, and many more solution for your query.

If you want to get the package completely then send me your birth date, time and place details to my mail. All the information about my email and banking information is given in contact page. Delivery will be done as per your requirement by either mail or post within a week.

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