The person born in November 23 to December 21 has the sunshine Sagittarius and it is the nineth sign. As per Gujarati Rashi it is referred as Dhan. The symbol associated is the Archer whose body is divided into two parts the mankinds dual nature as an intellectual creature (the human half) which was also a physical animal (the horse half).


The sagittarius peoples have fire element in their body and so has the nature of angriness and can self protect themselves. They have set their goal in their mind and always chase after the work to reach that goal. Sagittarians never depend on ohter and are very responsible for their work.

Due to undue sentimental attachments you tend to get into trouble. The opposite sex fascinates you and you maintain good relations

Sagittarius In Business

The Sagittarians can have a good career in Airways like becoming a pilot. He/She can become a good athlete, travel agent, librarian, musician.

Health Concern

They governs the hips, thighs and sacral area; subjects suffer from ailments of the hips and thighs, and may also have poor hair, skin, and nails.


Honest and forthright, Lighthearted, Intellectual, Have excellent communication skills


Sharp tongue, Prone to change, Restless, Flirtatious nature


Symbol: The Archer
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Lucky Day: Thursday
Lucky Colors: Beige, Bronze, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red and Violet
Lucky Gems: Turquoise, topaz
Lucky Flowers: Pink Carnations and Dandelions


Om shridevkrushnay udhvarshtay namah!!