The art of reading one's hand and depicting the future is referred to as Palmistry. In this type of future prediction the nature of one`s can be known by the lines and lineaments of the hand. This type of science deals with the nature of a subject his character influenced by the position of the planets on the plam.

I have be working on this system of palmistry through reading the ridge patterns of the palm and the healthyness of the planet.

The right palm shows the personality and future possibilities and the left palm decides our essence and the past life problems. The diagnoses of certain mental and physical illness are known from particular markings on the palm. Also different kinds of symbols like Trishul, Conche, Surya, Square, etc. are lucky. And some of the symbols like Cross, more ridgeness, Split lines,etc. depicts the strugle in the life.

I also view the finger tips and diagnose the situation of the chakras in our astral body to know the five elements.

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