Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is also known as Vastu Veda, the science of architecture.This is a sanskrit word where vastu means a real exisiting or abiding substance or essece, object, article and also goods, property and wealth. And the word shastra means the science.

Vastu Shastra is done for home, office, etc to keep harmony, peace and happiness as it is.According to vastu sastra, the world comprises five basic elements known as the pancha maha bhoota. Earth(Bhumi), Water(Jal), Air(Vayu), Fire(Agni), Space(Akasha).

There are 45 gods in all including 32 outer deities.

  • North- Kubera- Ruled by lord of wealth (Finance)
  • South- Yama- Ruled by lord of death - Yama (Damaging)
  • East- Indra- Ruled by the solar deity- Aditya (Seeing the world)
  • West- Varuna- Ruled by lord of water (Physical)
  • Northeast {Eshanya} - Ruled by Shiva
  • Southeast- Agni- Ruled by the fire deity - Agni (Energy Generating)
  • Northwest- Vayu- ruled by the god of winds (Advertisement)
  • Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors (History)
  • Center- Brahma- Ruled by the creator of the universe (Desire)

I am doing all this kinds of vastu shastra pooja to maintain the peace and harmony in your life.

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